Policies and Safeguarding

Grass Roots has a Constitution and a number of Policy documents and Risk Assessments.  Some of these are available to download below.  Contact the Secretary for any further information.

Grass Roots Constitution:
Grass Roots Constitution 10 Oct 15

Child Safeguarding Policy:
Grass Roots Child Safeguarding Policy 2023

Adult Safeguarding Policy
Grass Roots Adult Safeguarding Policy 2023

Grass Roots entry on the NI Charity Commisioners website

Risk Assessments - Activities
GR01 General site safety
GR02 Fires on site
GR03 Laurel & rhododendron clearance
GR04 Coppicing
GR05 Woodland management
GR06 Hedgelaying
GR07 Tree & other planting tasks
GR08 Walling
GR09 Wetland work inc ponds, streams & rivers
GR10  Footpath construction & maintenance
GR11 Garden habitat management
GR12 Gardening & allotment work
GR13 Dune & beach work
GR14 Ladders
GR15 Grassland & heathland work
GR16 Strimmers
GR17 Bird boxes & other small carpentry
GR18 Tool store & workshop work
GR20 Himalayan Balsam
GR21 Giant Hogweed - noxious weeds
GR22 Leptospirosis
GR24 General site safety COVID-19
GR25 Lyme disease
GR26 Young tree and hedge maintenance